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The SmartMouths was born out of  an insatiable curiosity to know more about that which has never been questioned. Topics range from pop culture to historical to the observational to scientific to debunking urban myths and more. Our hope is that our podcasts, and lightning-quick wit, will give you a little nugget to take on your journey while giving you a reason to think and to laugh. If you like us, share our podcasts with everyone you know. If you don't like us, well, hmmm? We'll cross that bridge. We are research fiends and will tackle just about any topic, so let us know what you may have always wondered about and it just might become a show!

The SmartMouths, Mimi & Amy, have conversations ranging from to the trajectory of the earth around the sun to binge-watching reality TV. Our backgrounds as entrepreneurs, volunteers, writers, readers, mothers, performers, creators and questioners of the accepted have crafted our perspective and lead us to this moment. Ours casts will be bite-sized and thought-provoking (and, if we are lucky, a little bit inspirational)  but will always leave you with a little something that you never knew.

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