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55. College Planning Takes Planning feat. Kevin Krebs

So many parents fear the daunting task of helping their children select and apply to college. Break down the steps of that plan with advice from Mr. Kevin Krebs, founder of Partners for Achievement (PFA). As a student athlete with an advanced degree, Kevin found himself on a path that he had not intended. As mentor to Northwestern University students on career planning and preparation for their futures, he was determined to fill the information void for aspiring college students and  their parents. Partners for Achievement was born!

Upcoming Seminars

3 Steps to College Planning and Career Success Workshop Presentations

  • 4/11/17 Hinsdale South HS
  • 4/17/17 Downers Grove Public Library
  • 4/19/17 Hinsdale Public Library
  • 4/20/17 Lake Forest HS
  • 4/22/17 Partners For Achievement Headquarters in Oak Brook

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